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Children with Additional Educational Needs

In Firies National School we value all our pupils, irrespective of ability or attainment.

We endeavour to enable all children to achieve their potential, particularly those with additional educational needs. Some children receive extra support within the classroom while others may be withdrawn in small groups or on an individual basis.

Speech and Language

Children who are diagnosed with Receptive Language Delay need more time to process information and benefit from speech and language sessions, in a small group, where instructions are more easily broken down into small steps.

Children who are diagnosed with Expressive Language Delay need opportunities to hear language structures modelled by the teacher and benefit from more frequent practice in a small group work.

Other children with intellectual disabilities are non-verbal and follow.

The Lamh Manual Sign System of Communication

Lamh is based on Irish Sign Language but there are less signs, and hand positions are less complex. With Lamh, only keywords of a sentence are used and can help assist Communication. Lamh signs are also used with speech. These signs are combined to form a sentence.

In Firies National School we support the continuity in learning of students with additional needs. We have a system in place where two sixth class students are selected to teach two new signs, each week, to all classes and teachers.

These new signs are displayed on a notice board in the corridor. The non-verbal child experiences a sense of inclusion and participation when the whole school community is involved.