In Firies NS, children have ample opportunities to engage in many extra-curricular activities outside of school hours. Whether your child is musical, creative or sporty, there is an activity to suit every individual. They can develop new skills and gain new interests by becoming involved in any of the after school activities available. Here is a list of what after school activities are on offer at Firies NS and close by;

Brickx Club

Bricks Club is a brick building and social activity club for both boys and girls. It helps children get a good start in learning through fun. Children can build by choosing different themes, challenges and games. Teamwork is encouraged and their ideas are discussed. Brickx Club is available for all pupils in our school. There are two clubs, one for the younger children (junior and senior infants) and one for the older (first – sixth class).


Playball offers a multi-sport activity to children with specific emphasis on encouraging and developing a positive and confident relationship between children and physical activity. This program is progression based. It covers an extensive range of sport related skills that are pitched at the correct developmental level. Therefore, gross and fine motor skills are developed in the correct sequence to maximise the long term benefit to the child.

Art Lessons

Children have the chance to explore the arts in a creative and fun way with art teacher Pia. They practice and learn basic skills and techniques involved in creating art. Different mediums of art are explored, for example, fabric and fibre, painting, drawing. Children develop a love and deeper appreciation for the arts.

Speech and Drama

Our speech and drama teacher Arlene provides after-school speech and drama classes. The classes include effective communication in classes. It offers children a chance to express themselves through the personal work that they present. This is of huge benefit to children as it builds confidence and develops inter-personal skills. It incorpatates speech and drama through story, poetry, drama games and much more.

Gaeilge le Spraoi

Gaeilge le Spraoi provides children with the opportunity to learn the Irish language in an enjoyable and fun manner. It focuses on helping children to speak Irish with confidence. Gaeilge le Spraoi do this through drama, music, art, oral language games and much more. Children develop a strong affection for the language, that they may not have had before.


Music lessons are available, where children can learn a new musical instrument. Also, Comhaltas takes place in Firies NS, which promotes traditional Irish music. As well as that, the school has a choir which practices once a week at lunch time. The school choir perform at all the major school events.

Be Active

The Be Active programme aims to improve the physical activity patterns of school children by introducing them to a wide variety of activities in a fun and supportive way. It fosters a positive attitude toward physical activity during children’s crucial formative years.

Homework Club

Homework club is available to children from 1st to 6th class, every Monday to Thursday. It provides children with the opportunity to complete their homework in a supervised environment.


Gaelic Football sessions are available for the senior classes at after-school time. Mr. Carey, who is a three times All-Ireland winner coaches these sessions. These sessions are invaluable for those competing in the Gaelic Football games throughout the school year.

Taek Won do

The Taek Won Do kids programme is a fun class that will teach and challenge each child to grow and learn at their own level with positive reinforcement in a motivating environment. They balance the class with a proper combination of fun and exercise to help your child develop a healthy habit of exercise at an early age. These classes take place in the Halla close by.


Rinka provides an alternative to mainstream sports through a professionally structured children’s fitness programme. Classes are completely non-competitive and are loads of fun. Rinka simply encourages kids to get active, take part and enjoy.

Irish Dancing

Irish dance lessons are available with Chambers School of Irish Dancing. The dance lessons introduce children to Irish dance. They are fun and also a fantastic way for children to exercise.
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