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Fourth Class Cultural Trip to Muckross House June 2nd 2017
Slán agus Beannacht
Senior Infants 2
Drumming Workshop Fifth Class 18th Jan 2017
Christmas Trip to Knocreer
Green Schools RSA 2016
Basketball Super Sevens 2017
Chess Tournament June 2017
Drama in Class Fourth Class 2017
Pancake Tuesday
Talent show 5th class 2017
Junior Infants 2 ~ Easter fun
Yoga Class
Tree Council 2017
Junior Infants 2 Christmas
Fourth Class Drama 2016
Drama in January 4th class 2017
Sports Day 14th June 2017 2nd class
SOCK monsters
Visit of Minor team October 2016
Junior Infants 2 ~ February
Green Schools Clean up 25th April 2017
Drumming Workshop January 18th 2017
Sixth class 2016
Second Class Masks 2016

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