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Our Health Promoting School

healthWe were officially recognised as a Health Promoting School in June 2007. The main aim of a Health Promoting School is to promote the health of everyone, in the school community. In 2007/08 we had the ‘Food Dudes’ programme in our school. This helped to encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables in school and at home. During the school year 2011/12 we again had the ‘Food Dudes’ Programme to target children from infants to 2nd Class. Each year we do the skipathon. In 2010/11 we introduced a ‘Buddy System’ to encourage playground games and friendships. During 2011/12 we had a Dental Hygienist visited and spoke to children in all classes and parents on caring for their teeth.





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Senior Infants nature walk 2017
Junior Infants June 2017-Slán agus beannacht.
First Class SEAI Visit
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Drama in 5th Class 2017
strickeen 2017
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First Class September Lámh 2017
Yoga Class
National Tree Week 2017
Green Schools Clean up 25th April 2017
Sports Day June14th 2017
Junior Infants June 2017 - Teddy Bear Picnic
Second Class Crosses 2016
Fifth Class Tourism Brochures 2016
Lighthouse Art 5th Class 2017
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Loch a Duin
JEP tour
Be Active After School
St Brigid crosses 2017
2016 Senior Infants 1
Junior Infants January 2017