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A Brief History

oldschoolFiries National School dates back to 1910, when there were separate schools for boys and girls. These schools were situated in Longfield, Firies about 100 metres apart.. During the 1940's the boys and girls school amalgamated to the site of the boys school. The school remained there until 1992. This 'Old School House' is presently owned by the Palmer family. The Old Girls School has since been demolished. In 1971 the two teacher school of Ballyhar (Ballinalane NS) and Firies NS (Longfield NS) amalgamated to the school in Longfield, Firies. Three Prefabs were added to the school in Longfield, Firies. An additional prefab was brought from North Kerry in later years and erected by the O' Connor Builders. By then the school contained six classrooms. On 4th June, 1992 Pupils and Teachers walked from the school in Longfield, Firies to the present location where a five classroom school was opened. In 1993 it became a 4 teacher school. In 1999 the additional classroom was used by the new Firies Pre-school group. In 2002 the playschool moved to the Community Hall (Marian Hall) and the school grew to a 5 teacher mainstream school. Since 2004 the school has grown to a ten classroom school. In the last few years five classrooms, four resource rooms and a staff room have been added. Firies National School at present has 274 pupils with 16 teachers. (2015/16)

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