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Firies National School is an active Green School. See the articles below for all the activities and achievements.greenflag

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Latest Images

Pancake Tuesday in Senior Infants
2016 pyjama party
Junior Infants September 2017-tractor lock
3D art 5th class 2017
Second Class Christmas Concert 2016
Senior Infants 2
Third Class Christmas 2017
Loch a Duin
First and Second Class School Tour
Guide Dog 5th Class 2017
September 17 senior infants
Junior Infants September 2017-blackberry picking
Junior Infants - sports day
First Class Lámh 2017
Sports Day June14th 2017
2nd class school tour 2017
Lighthouse Art 5th Class 2017
Senior Citizens Party December 15th 2016
Junior Infants 2 ~ Aistear
Green Schools RSA 2016
Show and Tell Senior Infants 2017
6th class presentations
Sports Day 14th June 2017 2nd class
Second Class Crosses 2016