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Firies National School is an active Green School. See the articles below for all the activities and achievements.greenflag

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strickeen 2017
Halloween Senior Infants 2
Kerry Minors
Second Class SEAI 2016
Junior Infants 2 ~ Easter fun
2016 / 17 sixth Class
Second class 2017
Third Class Christmas 2017
Grandparents Day 2017
Activities on Length
2016-Senior Infants Maths Time
Second class Reconciliation 2017
Fourth Class Drama 2016
SOCK monsters
Sport and Projects Fifth Class 2017
World Book Day 2017
The three little pigs ~ Junior Infants 1
St Brigid crosses 2017
Junior Infants Construction - June 2017
Junior Infants June 2017 - Teddy Bear Picnic
Primary Science fair
Fifth Class Construction Day 2016
Yoga Class
Pancake Tuesday in Senior Infants