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September Fun in Senior Infants

Welcome to Senior Infants!!

We have had a very busy few weeks in Senior Infants. Playtime in the morning has been great fun and a wonderful way for us all to get to know each other a little better, especially for the boys and girls who were in different classes last year. We make things with play dough, we practise our sticking and cutting, we build cities with blocks, we thread beads, we practise our letters and make words using magnetic letters and lots more.

We have been very busy revising this month, our froggy fingers are very busy making sure our pencil grip is good. We nearly know all of our letter names now and are busy revising our sounds from last years. Did you know that in our maths we don’t say ‘and’ and ‘make’ anymore we say ‘plus’ and ‘equals’? Our handwriting is very good, we always try our best with this, Miss Galwey loves when we try our best!!

One of our favourite things that we did this month was celebrate Roald Dahl day. Some of us had heard of him from older brothers and sisters. We read The Enormous Crocodile and we LOVED it! It was such fun story. We noticed that Roald Dahl use crazy words when he writes, these made us laugh so loudly in class we thing the office might have heard us. Our favourite character was the crocodile, but Ms. Galwey love Roly Poly bird, he was so colourful. We are looking forward to reading more Roald Dahl during the year.

We can read some CVC words. We were doing some sticking and cutting. We put the letters in order and stuck them in our scrap books. Our teacher was very impressed. We did a wonderful job.

This month we also met an inventor, his name was Jack Nagle and he invented the Tractor Safe Lock. He went to Firies NS when he was small so it was very exciting to see him return. He showed us his medal, it was beautiful. He won it at the Ploughing. Well done Jack. We loved speaking to you. We are very proud of you.



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