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Our Autumn Nature Walk

We have been very busy learning all about autumn in Senior Infants. Did you know that in autumn the leaves start to die and change colour before they fall? Then the trees are bare. People start to wear jumper and coats and we see berries growing on the trees.

 After all of our learning we decided we better investigate to see if the books and computers were telling the truth!!!!!

On a sunny Tuesday morning we set off on a Nature walk. We were very lucky to have Mrs. Robinson as our special guest on the day. Did you know that she is a super nature detective? She told us about all the local trees and birds. We are very lucky to have a rookery outside our school- she showed us that.

Mrs. Robinson showed us Rowan berries. Did you know that the birds love them so much that they taste like Mc. Donald’s for them?? The lucky birds because we saw loads of them. Every time we saw them we shouted out loud “look it’s the Mc. Donald’s berries!!!” I bet the men picking up the leaves at the church thought we were crazy!

We saw elderberries and rosehips, did you know that these are very good for vitamin c?  Or that you can use elderberries to make syrup? This all sounds very grown up for Senior Infants, but we told you Mrs. Robinson is a super nature detective and she shared all of her secrets with us. Ms. Galwey and Mrs. Robinson and Noreen were so impressed with how much we remembered when we went back to school.

The blackberries were still on the bushes, we were surprised the birds hadn’t gobbled them up.

 We each collected a beautiful, colourful leaf. We looked for bright yellow and red leaves. We found some super ones. Ms. Galwey loved the multi-coloured ones that we found.  Noreen had a huge big bag full of nature, I think she found every colour!! We made a big display in our classroom of all our wonderful work.

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